What Is Guapruns?

A streetwear brand? A film & production company?

That’s only a small part of what we do. Started in 2020, Guapruns was created for 1 purpose. To inspire. Founder Alex C. Cobian, a filmmaker, always found himself searching for more. Something he knew was missing but didn’t know what. As his film career grew he would end up in places he had only dreamed of. Yet that missing piece still bothered him. Only when everything collapsed and he found himself alone and without work, did he find what was missing. 


He was so busy working on his dreams that he couldn’t see what had been in front of him the whole time. The moments after the shoots where artists opened up about their hopes and struggles. The excitement everyone would feel when a project worked out better than expected. The DMs from young G’s who asked for guidance in the crazy world of music, freelance , and Los Angeles . 

When Alex realized what was truly important to him, his focus changed. It was no longer about finding the next client. He had a bigger purpose. To create a space where these moments could be shared. A place where all dream chasers can come together and get what they need to fuel their ambition. Media that not only motivates, but lights a fire inside you strong enough to melt all insecurities. Apparel that represents the highs, lows, and all memorable moments in an artist’s journey. This is more than just another brand.

This is Guapruns.


Alexander C. Cobian, Guapruns' Owner & Creative Director.