December Blues Ain't It


What’s up Guaprunners? I’m going to try something different for the blog section of the website moving forward. I’ll be dedicating this page to the inner ideologies and thoughts of my mind to see if maybe we happen to align in our aspirations, goals, fears, and everyday struggles. Basically, this whole page is going to turn into a public diary. 

It's December 10th as I write this blog post. To start off with an update on some new projects I’m working on I’ll lay out what I have going on. I’m directing and producing my first short film, preparing for a new music video, and experiencing some possibly relatable December blues. 

Seasonal mood swings never seemed logical to me in the past. How is the summer supposed to guarantee my happiness while the winter is sure to bring hardships. Well, I was fucking wrong. I’m feeling it. I usually book a few projects each month, but this month I’m at a humble single booking. Fast-paced weekly schedules are my favorite. Waking up everyday ready to commute to a set, gives me a scalable task to focus all of my energy upon. Meaning there is no room for sulking around, developing iffy habits, or getting depressed. 

Yup. I said it: Depression. Luckily when I’m depressed it's not really an overwhelming sadness I feel, but rather the emptiness in my schedule leads to an extensive search inside my mind. What am I doing with my life? Am I going to make it? I want this and that, so should I just start a taking school more serious? In conclusion my depression if you could call it that isn’t rooted in sadness but rather a lack of activity. Between Covid-19 forcing every shop around my Hollywood apartment to close, and an extremely slow work month it's safe to say I caught the December blues. 

Now just because I caught some low vibrational feelings doesn’t mean I am going to let that stop me from having a great month. I won’t give up control of my happiness to external factors. Here are three ways to deal with your December Blues. 

  • Focus on your personal projects.
  • Maintain a daily routine.

Focus on your personal projects. During 2020 I was lucky enough to shoot content pieces on a weekly basis for innovative musical artists, clothing brands, and even some body enlarging supplement companies. Even though it’s the exact type of work I’d love to be doing, it just isn’t fully mine. When you work with clients their notes, opinions, and overall vision is king when it comes to the final cut. I love collaborating with others, but sometimes in collaboration we lose the freedom connected with self-expression.

Thus in the wake of this realization QuickNuts, written by my girlfriend Lucia and me, was born. It has been a dream of mine to create a short film ever since I moved to Los Angeles three years ago. Yet due to my busy schedule I’ve never made any. Now I can, and I am excited to share this piece as I complete it early next month in time for a late January release. 

Maintain a daily routine. After hours of sitting around wondering what I should do with the next portion of my day, I quickly realized the task of coming up with  something to do becomes a big enough burden in itself if I don’t have anything planned. 

Think about it, Steve Jobs only ever wore denim jeans and a turtle neck. It wasn’t because that was all he could afford but rather because the automation of such a simple task as what to wear allowed his energy to be free for allocation towards creating iPhones, iPads, iMovie, and other now world-wide renowned products. 

The same is true for all creators, we need as much of our energy freed up to create. When should I work out? Do I feel hungry or am I just bored? What did I have to work on next? Don’t allow your mind to wander, give it a routine and stick to it. In time you will find the best daily schedule that fits you.

Last but not least, I have come to realize the importance of simplification in all aspects of life. Simplify your fukcing mind and in exchange live your best life. The stoics said it as epic as possible in their analysis of manifestation. Most people know what manifestation is by now. Every quirky crystal shop promises improved manifestation skills through their products, instagram quotes urge us to manifest, but have you ever tried manifesting? It isn’t about thinking as much as it is about doing. The act of changing your current vibration to match the reality you wish to be in is hard. Especially when we’re to just to think about what we want. Being busy and being effective are two different things. Our personal down time should be utilized to distinguish the difference. What makes you happy and what do you do for other’s satisfaction? A lot of the time we agree to undertake tasks, attend social events, or even recreate ourselves into completely new people simply to do SOMETHING rather than NOTHING. That is why your long hours of manifestation might not be working. 

Your subconscious needs you to be real. If you ask of yourself to choose better friends, then do it. If you ask for more money, then educate yourself on money making habits. Do not continue to hang out with the same people and blow your money. Match your desired vibration. Yet, I often find myself guilty of asking the universe for a new external reality while clinging onto my old habits, thoughts, and energy. 

When we use our personal time effectively to simplify and remove the negative unnecessary parts of our life we align ourselves with what we want. Next time you’re about to do something, question if it's in correlation with what you truly desire. Of course if it’s obligatory to fulfill your basic living needs then complete the task but stay conscious of why you’re doing whatever may be doing that goes against your dreams.