Journal Entry V2

Update in my day to day. This year is off to a solid start. I had a couple hiccups at a shoot a few days ago, but I was able to bounce back and make a good video in the end. I finally landed a branding gig I’m ecstatic to get started on. And I already have a few music videos to work on these two first months of 2021. Truth be told I am simply seeing the fruits of Guapruns’ labor pay off, as well as new doors opening into new and fresh opportunities. All in all I have my photography/music video work to rely on, branding projects to explore, short films to produce, and a friend of mine who I am helping break into the music scene is in the process of finalizing his first project. It should be a great year!!!

On a personal note I am seeing Covid-19 at a much closer distance than I ever have. I’ve grown concerned over the pandemics current state but am doing my best not to focus too much on the world’s external situation. The life in Los Angeles I dreamed of living is currently on hold with every major club, restaurant, and studio closed for the public’s safety. I decided to come back to my parent’s house in San Diego until storefronts open up. It feels kinda like the first shut down and truthfully I’m all for it. My best wishes and thoughts go out to anyone currently affected by the virus whether it be in their own personal health, finance, or if a close family member of yours is being affected. 

I am using this down time to reconnect with myself and begin expanding my current skills and mindset. This year my singular goal is to improve the level of talent I have in each of my crafts: design, writing, photography, and directing. To do so I plan on traveling to expand my taste and influence, writing on a daily basis, starting a YouTube channel revolving around photography, and directing more intentionally every time I am on set. While I was building Guapruns last year it felt as if I took a moment to focus on improving my business savviness in order to properly grow the company into the present stage it is in now. Today even though my anxious work ethic makes me afraid to say it, I am comfortable with the system I have implemented to operate every aspect of Guapruns.

Therefore, I feel it's only right now to learning my way around the business side of things, but diving back into my exploration of the crafts I hope to one day master. Everyday I am grateful I get to wake up and do what I love. That being said, now it is up to me to not only improve my skills but to push myself into a level of discipline that allows me to create at my highest potential. When you’re on your run make sure you remember to sprint once in a while to get that maximum return on investment. 

-O.G. Guaprunner