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Fresh off the holidays, I am back in Los Angeles as I start my work month. While I was away my Noche Buena plant died, my apartment became a mess, and my mind reformed. The holidays are my favorite time of the year because they serve as a break from the cycle I tend to put myself into during the regular year. The cycle goes a little like this: Plan a music video for a week, film a music video in a day, edit for two weeks, then find the next video, repeat. Between that I'll have my weekly dates with my girlfriend, call my parents, and hang out with co-workers. My downtime is still filled with thinking about work or imagining new strategies to improve my company profit.

That’s exactly what I love to do however the Holidays allows me to form broader perspectives upon the work I am doing. It is a trip but I know I am obsessed with my craft. If I can’t think of something new to do in order to improve my standing in the business realm my whole life becomes unbalanced and family time becomes self-loathing in stressful situations that are only occurring in my mind. 

I had a great holiday break but my father in a kind way told me how much he loved when I was home but he could tell I wasn’t always fully present. On my drive back to Los Angeles from San Diego I listened to a YouTube video by the name: “How to improve your parent-child relationship.” The video outlined the importance of understanding one another’s perspectives as well as how necessary a break from technology is in crafting quality time. 

I wish I would have watched that video earlier because that is what my dad is talking about. I was home but I kept my phone close waiting for any call, text, email, or direct message that could guarantee my first few weeks back in L.A. would be profitable. If I could go back in time I would have left my work phone in L.A. so I could come home and not worry about work. Giving me all the freedom of mind to bond with my family in San Diego.

Regardless, I made some awesome memories with my family and enjoyed the time I spent with them immensely. Now that I am back I miss them very much. 

During the break I also hung out with my life long best friend, Aaron. Reconnecting with my childhood friend reminded me how much has changed since the time we were kids. From our outlook on life, to our relationships, aspirations, and goals. For the whole year I had become entrenched in the mentality a lot of my co-workers in L.A. have. Not to down either side but I realized how superficial some of my new habits, and ideas truly were when I heard my friend talk. He was happy and it wasn’t based on his work, year experiences, or anything else aside from his own acceptance of his current situation. He was, as he always had been, down to earth and truthful about what he was looking for in life. It helped remind me how beautiful growing up in a small town with a best friend like him was. Now that I live in the city I always dreamed of I wondered how much the city had changed me. I was always an ambitious young kid but I usually wasn’t fond of trends, or mainstream beliefs until I started trying to play the role and fit in. 

With all of this in mind as January 4th rolled around I decided to write my yearly personal goals. Not to be corny but here’s my New Year's resolutions:

  • Be present when spending time with my family.
  • Block work out of my personal life.
  • Readjust my perspective of money.
  • Educate myself about history to prevent repetition. 
  • Spend time with my friends who loved me before L.A.