Is moving to Los Angeles worth it?

In short absolutely. Los Angeles is home to every other part of the world’s best xyz. I forget the film, but I once heard every small town’s best basketball player leaves their hometown first to play in their state’s biggest arenas, and then when they master that, they either leave to California or New York. So most definitely going to Los Angeles is about realizing every burning dream and desire within you. Dreams however, are not built overnight so what is Los Angeles really about when you haven’t made it? 

That’s a pretty loaded question and the best I can do is offer my own personal experiences, gains and losses. When I moved to L.A. I roomed with my best-friend, while creating content for another friend who had recently moved out of San Diego months before. Fast-forward a few years, I no longer hang with any of the people I originally moved to L.A. with. Nothing personal but I realized what I wanted out of life both in the short and long-term. Plus I kinda got fired from my first commitment in Los Angeles. 🤷🏻‍♂️

I lost old friends, and made new ones who dedicated their lives to directing music videos and creating content for artists throughout Los Angeles. Through these new friendships I gained invaluable experiences, connections, and like-minded people with similar goals as mine. The new people around me inspired me to become a better director every day as well as a better person. If I could thank Los Angeles for anything it would be for showing me examples of who I would love to be like and who I would hate to become. Coming from a small town my mindset wasn’t the best and when I first threw myself into L.A. I admit I was immature. I was stuck in old habits that were constantly stunting my growth. Yet, as I started surrounding myself with fresh mindsets I saw an improvement in my own emotional intelligence, reaction to situations, and developed a pretty simple motto I live by: MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. (Thanks to my mentor for this piece of advice)

That doesn’t mean be a cold hearted dick. It simply means staying out of other people’s lives. I offer all of my friends as much help as I can expecting nothing in return. When you do things this way L.A. doesn’t become the toxic high school clique world you’ve heard it is. Instead it becomes like a Jedi training center, where everyone shares their knowledge, resources, and ideas? Think about it everyone in Los Angeles is seeking some kind of a dream and if you can help them get closer to it why not do so? If you’re still not convinced, just know you never know how tables may flip and tides might turn so be positive while networking in the city of Lost Angels.