Combine dedicated time with quality attention and you have the recipe for growing anything you desire. One of my goals for the year is to learn better time and attention managing skills. We’ve all heard it a million times, ‘This generation's attention span is trash.’ True, I can tell by the statistics on our website the average user logs on an underwhelming single minute on our site. But I know that number is attached to the value we trade for your time, so here we go, here are three ways to improve your attention span and time management skills. 

  • Reward yourself for keeping your attention on a single task
  • Turn your routine into a block schedule (like in school)
  • Cut your unnecessary commitments 

  • Reward yourself for keeping your attention on a single task

    Every habit you wish to build needs three key components. Cues, routines, and rewards. The cool thing about managing your own time is you don’t have to work at a single task for a long time, just enough to get a substantial amount of work done. As creators we choose our own schedules and if you're in the workforce hustling your passion on the side then implement this idea into the mesh of your work/home life. Create a cue that reminds you of each individual task you need to complete after work or even during work. Kanye West says he used to write raps on his breaks while working retail. So create a routine that helps you get through tough parts of the day, and a reward such as a creative spill, a social-media binge, a tasty snack, or even a walk around the block. 

    Turn your routine into a block schedule (like in school)

    Remember in school when you’d show up the first thing they’d make you do was be in the same class for two hours? What usually came next? Nutrition break, aka socializing time, followed by your next class, and topped off with basically the recreational highlight of your day: lunch time. My new schedule is built around this same structure used in school. I start my day by writing for two hours, then I’ll eat a quick smoothie, check my social media for ten minutes, and come back to work on Guapruns’ day to day for another two hours. Following that two hour block I’ll eat a heavy brunch, watch some Youtube, and get back to work editing for another two hours. This cycle continues throughout my day. Even when I finish work I treat my leisure time as if I were still on this two hour cycle to constantly focus, rest, and refocus my energy on a single task. Try it out, let me know how it goes. 

    Cut your unnecessary commitments 


    Cut the bullshit. There’s really no way to describe or compare this point since everyone has their own unique people, habits, and overdue termination dates on commitments they’re dealing with. My only suggestion is to realize, on a philosophical note, how short your time on earth really is. This past year I picked up the habit of listening daily to a stoic audiobook and it really helped me revalue my life’s purpose. I’m not aiming to win an y popularity contests but rather for my own happiness in life. Try building your perspective through podcasts, books, or your favorite artist’s interviews. However you do it, just make sure you're always taking a mental inventory of what's in the positive zone of your life and what is in the negative.