How to find your artistic self?

What's your style? You like pop art? Contemporary? German expressionism? What type of art makes your mind race and heart drop every time you encounter it? Legends in every craft will tell you it takes a while before you can truly play like yourself but in the early steps of self-discovery its best to attach yourself to the art you already love and ask why you love the specific type of work so much.

As a music video director I find myself leaning towards vintage styles of filming, stories revolving around themes of underdogs, true love, the arts, and traditional family structures. Why? Because that's who I naturally am. I'm not going to sit here and pretend I've fully figured out my style of photographing, directing, and writing these topics but I do so in my own unique perspective every-time. 

Music, film, and pretty much any art draws inspiration from its influences. Try watching a Tarantino movie that doesn't have any reference shots. Listen to the Isley Brother's greatest hits. That really blew my mind because it was like listening to every great rap song I grew up listening to times a thousand because the music was in its original form. 

Yet, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, and many more took those sounds and turned them into the anthems of my generation. Can we blame them for borrowing from the past and blessing us with amazing renditions of those works? NO !! Truthfully, knowing how well made the original music they sampled is I am amazed they were able to reimagine such soulful sounds. In the process also turning older fans of music into believers by injecting some vintage taste into modern music.

So if there is a way to find yourself in art I'd say stick to what you know and within your own culture think about the art that has united your parents, grandparents, and so on until you find your own verse to contribute.