Goodbye 2020.


2020 is finally over and if it taught me anything it’s that you gotta know when its time to say, fuck it. The difference between giving up and saying fuck it is when you say fuck it, it doesn’t matter if you give up. You don’t have to hold onto anything that doesn’t make you happy. Covid-19 proved it was the only thing in 2020 we couldn’t escape. We were locked in our houses and if we didn’t want to do something we could just say we might have covid. Did you have bad friends last year? Fuck it. Did you stay in the house bored? Fuck it. Did you catch covid and survive? Fuck it. 

Last year is in the past and today is the first. Literally, the first day of a fresh start. What are you going to do? Ask yourself what did you enjoy doing this year? If your new favorite activity doesn’t involve too many people then you found the secret to life many life coaches wish they could have charged you for. All you need is you. External pleasures and pains aren’t something to base our happiness on. If an external factor controls our positive vibration meter then how can we expect to control our own happiness? 

Ask yourself what brought you down last year and leave it in last year. Remember, times of isolation and self-reflection are our greatest tool in our seek of progression. Guapruns was built, broken, and then published during that first shelter in home order back in March. Then I showed it to the world and a lot of people loved it, loved it so much they decided to become a part of our journey. 

And while all you saw on our instagram was film productions, clothes, and quotes, we had a lot of internal distractions that we had to overcome. Sure it might've been the stress that we were building a company under the looming reality of a pandemic but in all reality some people they just hate for no reason, capisce? 2020 gave me the confidence to believe in myself. Through my adjusted attitude, habits, and outlook on life I saw my personal, business and the relationship with myself grow stronger. Keep running Guaprunners. I promise we will keep running for you.