Artist profile: THATBOYQ



While on my way home to visit family in the ‘Hollywood of the South(Atlanta) I managed to get lost trying to find the connecting train to the baggage claim. At the time I had landed it was late around 10pm and the trains that connected the terminals had stop running due to COVID-19 procedures. Looking around confused I noticed that I was not the only one lost and ran into another person who was lost as well. After a few minutes we eventually found our way towards the baggage claim. On our way…… we introduced ourselves and chopped it up! One of the first things Q let me know was he had a strong passion music…….. after telling me he was from Chicago I began to assume the usual…... My first question was “Oh… so you rap?” because I knew how big the drill scene was in Chicago, many big rappers such as Chief Keef , Lil Durk, Fredo, Lil Reese, and the list goes on. However, he was quick to reply and correct me and told me ‘Na bruh I sing’.  We continued swiftly walking and talking through the massive, but nearly empty and restrained Hartsfield Airport. I was curious on how he sounded; he began to sing a quick verse from one of his recent songs he has released. In that moment I was astonished, not just by the quality of his voice, but the range… how he could stretch certain letters to make varying sounds. His voice lit up the entire connecting tunnel we were in. After that I knew I had to tap in with him because I saw his talent to be immense and the sky was the limit for him.  Moving forward we eventually made it to the baggage claim……. We exchanged information and went our separate ways. After coming to realization that me and him were going to be in ATL for the same period of time I figured it was best to link with him as soon as the time was right.


Up and coming artist thatboyq is an R&B artist who based out of the soulful city of Chicago.  Raised in the infamous neighborhood Englewood, Q had a passion for music at a young age. Growing up he explained was ‘rough’ and called it the ‘Real Trenches’ because he was surrounded by ',nothing but real sh*t!’ Over the years he lost people to grimness of streets in Chi- Town, but he learned to overcome.  That what stands out in his music you hear the emotion the, passion, the pain. Listening to his music is almost as if you are listening with you heart rather than your ears. YOU FEEL THE MUSIC! This young talent has such a deep passion and a story to tell………… listening to his music becomes very intriguing.

Fast Forward………. I eventually got in contact with Q where we would later plan a studio sesh. On my way to studio I didn’t know what to expect from just the whole experience. For the most part of when we talked over the phone it was just brainstorming ideas, so it was more of open dialogue we focused on. I pull-up it’s 6:00pm on the dot I’m in East Point a neighborhood in the city of Atlanta. Now it had been a rainy day and the sun finally peaked out. So it was real humid, but it was a cool temperature, The whole area I was new too , it was different vibe , had a hustle vibe to it. As I pulled up momentarily Q did as well, we eventually chopped it up and headed up the studio.  A dark room lit up with LED lights, I was met with a few people in the room and an underrated & upcoming engineer/recording artist in the city of Atlanta. itsbantana who has made some quality bangers and beats. Bro was real and chill and I saw by his music and his group tribehouserecords that he ONLY had quality music to offer. Pushing forward everybody sat down, and Q started his studio sesh.  I was amazed by how he composes a song…. all his lyrics flow smoothly together. From what I saw he naturally understood music from the notes, to the melodies, to the right words to stretch to fit in his song. Q and engineer itsbatana took care of business there was no laughs, no smiles, strictly business. After the studio sesh, me and Q chopped it up so more and to see where his head was at and see what he was trying to with his music.  He explained that ‘This music is day by day process, just trying to build a lil somethin right now’. His focus is just trying to get his music out, not in just streets of Chicago, but all over. I then asked him who he is influenced by that helps create his style of music . He replied ‘Rod Wave’ which is why style Q’s stands out in the city of Chicago. Alot of people assume that Chi-town just has drill music to offer, but many forget Chicago is a soulful town and music scene has been built by many great artist. We wrapped it up and I went on to go my way and listened to so more of his singles. (SoundCloud)

Overall, it was a dope experience with Q and I expect more hot singles from him in the future. His dedication to his music and craft is what will give him the upper hand in the music industry expect for Q to blow up soon in Chicago. His worth ethic as an artist exemplifies the quality of what it means to be a part of the GUAP RUNS FAM!!!